What's Hashes.com? Hashes.com is a site dedicated to hash recovery.
How can I contact you? Discord: https://discord.gg/ryVjddT
Do you crack hashes? No. We download and index hash -> plaintext to allow for searching. If this isn't enough we also offer escrow services to connect you to people who do.
What's Hashes Escrow? Our escrow system automates the workflow from start to finish for paid hash recovery. There is two roles. Hash Uploader and Cracker. Once a uploader has deposited bitcoin into the escrow system and published their list live. It's not available to the public. From there crackers attempt to crack said hashes. If they are sucessful they upload the cracked hashes. In the background our sytstem validates each cracked hash to esnure it is the correct plaintext. Then the uploader is given the cracked hashes, while the cracked is rewarded the bitcoin. Preventing any possibility of scamming. Hashes.com takes a small % escrow fee to maintain the site and fund current and future site additions.
How do I deposit bitcoin to my account for escrow? 1. Click Deposit to Escrow seen in the navigation bar of the site.
2. Click "Buy now"
3. Send the desired amount to the bitcoin address given, after 1 confirmation your account will be credited with the amount of bitcoin sent.
Whats Batch Search? Batch search allows you to submit many hashes at one time. We will return the plaintext if it is available in our database.
We will soon be offering a downloadable version where you will be able to load as many hashes as you wish and run, as long until your credits run out.
What's Basic Search? Basic search allows anyone to search their hashes (maximum 25) in a basic paste and search format. Any hashes that are scraped and are public from various communities / forums will be shown for free. Others will be revealed at the cost of credits depending on where we source the data.
Uploader : I have hashes I want cracked, how do I use the escrow system?: The process is very simple.
1. Make an account on hashes.com https://hashes.com/en/register.
2. Once you have created a new account, head over to : https://hashes.com/en/escrow/newlist.
3. From here click "First choose a file", now select the hashing algorithm. If you don't know the algorithm try this identifier tool https://hashes.com/en/tools/hash_identifier
4. From there fill in the price you are offering for each hash to be cracked. (Place note if you are offering 1,000 hashes at the price of 1$ per hash.
Before you can post your list live you must have 1,000$ worth of bitcoin in your account balance. Otherwise utilize the "Maximum Cracks Needed", using the same example as above. 1,000 hashes at the price of 1$ per hash but if you input 10 for the maximum cracks needed then you will only need 10$ worth of bitcoin in your account balance to post your list live.)
5. If needed put in maxmimum number of cracks needed (this is optional). Then click submit.
6. Now we make our way over to managing our lists here https://hashes.com/en/escrow/manage You will see your list you just uploaded (This is also were you will download any finds if a cracker submits them).
7. Below the "Activate/Deactivate (Requires funding)" You will see the button "Post*". Assuming you have the required funding on your account for said list. Your list will then go live to the public for crackers to begin their work.
Congratulations, you have sucessfully posted your list.
Cracker : I want to take part in cracking hashes, how do I do it? An even more simple process!
1. Register an account.
2. Go to https://hashes.com/en/escrow/view so you can view all current lists available to be cracked.
3. Download the hash list you wish to attempt crack.
4. Once you have sucessfully cracked a hash submit your findings here : https://hashes.com/en/escrow/upload
Congratulations, you have sucessfully uploaded your crack hash(es) and your account will automatically be credited with the bitcoin that the hash(es) were valued at.
An algorithm I need isn't supported. What do I do? Contact us on discord and we will work for it to be added.
API / CLI? https://github.com/PlumLulz/hashes.com-cli